Will has nearly 20 years experience creating, writing, directing and producing children’s programmes and live shows in the UK making him one of the leading experts in his field.


The combination of TV and live work means he is constantly in touch with a real audience, and able to see which characters work and why, what situations and scenarios appeal to kids and how to constantly make these relevant in a quickly changing world. This dual capability makes him unique amongst all UK producers.


His broad skillset and knowledge allow him to be of great value to any developing production, and he can work from a simple advisory capacity, creating reports on proposals and offering constructive suggestions – to being a hands on script editor, creative director and producer.


He has developed, created written and produced over 1000 hours of television for BBC, Nickelodeon, Disney, Channel 5 and ITV in the UK – and globally his work has appeared on channels from ABC in Australia to Nick Jr in the USA. He has won a BAFTA, been nominated for 6 more, and also collected a Royal Television Award, Broadcast Awards and several more.


He has also written and directed nearly 30 Arena scale live shows for many of the worlds leading brands, including ‘Tweenies’, ‘Thomas’ ‘Bob the Builder’ ‘Postman Pat’ ‘Bratz’, ‘Doctor Who’ and most recently 7 annual live tours for the BBC children’s channel ‘Cbeebies’


If you would like to discuss the possibility of Will working with you on your project please contact him