Cinderfella lived in a brand new castle with his lovely stepfather and two handsome step brothers.

It was a very fair household – and everyone took their turns at cleaning and cooking and making up the beds.  But Cinderfella wasn’t very good at cleaning. He threw all the dirty socks out of the window, and brushed all his tummy fluff under the rugs.


He was also a very bad cook.

‘Here’s your lunch’ he’d snigger  – ‘Underpant Soup! Ha ha ha!’

Cinderfella’s adorable Step father and brothers were far too polite to complain, so they just held their noses and slurped it all down.

One day there was a knock at the door.

‘Go away!’ said Cinderfella. But his comely Brothers opened it anyway.

‘Oooh look! Invitations to the Grand Ball at the Palace!’

‘Where’s Mine?’ said Cinderfella,

‘Here’ said his Step-Father, ‘Now look after that carefully – we don’t want any harm to come to it!’

‘Daddy!’ shouted the gorgeous brothers ‘Princess Sparkle is looking for a husband!’
‘Yeeeeeeuuuuk!’ said Cinderfella.  ‘’Princesses are sticky and fluffy and can’t bounce properly. I don’t want to go. ‘

‘But you must come! said his stepfather, ‘I’ve bought you this very marvellous designer suit to wear so you look your absolute best!’

Cinderfella hated the idea of going to this stupid ball wearing this silly suit to meet a yucky girl. She’d probably pick him and he’d have to marry her and kiss her and everything!

Just then there was a curious flash and a crash followed by the screeching of tyres and a police siren fading into the night.

‘Have they gone?’ said a voice
“Yeah’ said Cinderfella.
‘Good’ From the shadows a small stocky man appeared wearing a huge pair of sunglasses and a small pair of wings.

‘Who are you?’ asked Cinderfella.
‘I’m your Godfather.’ said the little man
‘My Fairy Godfather?’ sneered Cinderfella
‘Yes, but I tend to play down the fairy bit… anyway.. I’m here to make sure you don’t have to marry that Princess.

‘That’s Impossible!’ cried Cinderfella ‘She’s bound to fall in love with me all clean and squeaky and wearing this suit!

‘We’ll see..’ said the Fairy Godfather.  He flew over to the stables of thoroughbred horses, and with a wave of his wand turned them all into dirty rats. Then he swooped down on Cinderfella’s Step-Father’s Rolls Royce and turned it into a huge rotting pumpkin.

‘Climb in this… by the time my boys have rolled you to the ball you’ll be so stinky even the Stinky Family from Stinkoford won’t stand next to you!

‘But be careful…’ said The Fairy Godfather with an odd stare, ‘At Midnight all this will disappear and everyone will return to their true selves true selves true selves….


Cinderfella climbed inside the pumpkin and the rats rolled him to the ball…

Everyone in the ballroom waited for Princess Sparkle to arrive, politely fanning their noses (because Cinderfella was REALLY stinky.)  Then there was a drum roll… a fanfare… and Princess Sparkle appeared!

She was very pretty – in a sparkly pink dress and sparkly crown the Princess walked sparkly past him and sparkly danced with all the handsome boys. Cinderfella was delighted – his Fairy Godfather’s plan had worked!

Soon the clock struck Midnight... Cinderfella’s pumpkin covered suit disappeared revealing his stinky t shirt… and then he looked at Princess Sparkle.. who’s big sparkly dress disappeared and she was really wearing a stinky t shirt too!

‘What are all these boys doing here? ’ she cried,  ‘Yeeeeuuuk! Boys are gritty and knobbly and smell of three day old dinners!’

Then she ran down the staircase showing off her knickers and blowing raspberries

GASP!!! Went all the guests

‘Wow!’ went Cinderfella – and he stuck out a leg to trip the Princess up.

‘Phwooor! She cried ‘Where’s that super stink coming from?’

‘ Its me!’ said Cinderfella

‘Fantastic!’ cried Princess Sparkle, ‘Can we get out of this silly old ball and go play?’

‘Totally!’ grinned Cinderfella, ‘I know of a really stinky sock mountain just waiting to be bounced on!’

And they all lived even happier ever after.

© 2013 Will Brenton. No animals were harmed in the making of this site.

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